March 2019 Bootcamp

Post boot-camp remarks from the Camp Director - John Igwe


Opportunities don’t come once, they are limitless. Young people should be nurtured to believe in themselves, to see opportunities as they lurk around every corner.

This is what Cherith Educational is doing with Youth in Pursuit of Purpose (YIPOP) – expanding the minds of young people and enabling them with the right tools and network to forge a future of their own making.
The March 2019 Bootcamp is a testament as more young people are more self-aware, purpose-driven and entrepreneurial.

You should join our cause as we believe in you to create your own future and in turn, lead others.

Here’s a sneak peek of our residential boot-camp earlier in 2019.

Day I - Welcome | Games | Marshmallow Challenge

Day II | Morning Workout | Infinite Loops Game | Session with Mr Siyanbola

Day III - Site Visits | Session with Sanmi Abiodun | Food, lot's of food!

Day IV - BUILD Process | Projects | Session with Bolu

Day V - Project Pitch | Networking | Farewell