Kofoworola Kuyinu was struck by the fact that many young people she came across in her decades of being an educator are usually able to articulate their ambitions, which are usually fuelled by parents’ desire/guidance or a motivation to get rich through such goals. Most times such ambitions are not linked to any purpose which is unique to them as individuals on a journey through life and how they can make impact by fulfilling such ambitions. A lot have been frustrated because they graduate from school only to discover that the world is not waiting with banners to celebrate them. This has led to endless job searches and cycles of frustration.

Therefore, the thoughts of providing early opportunity for young people led her into launching a two-day entrepreneurial leadership camp in August 2017, supported through aid provided to African Leadership Academy by the MasterCard Foundation. The camp was attended by twenty- five young people within the age of 16 and 25. This was repeated in July 2018. Based on these two experiences, she realized that while young people would like to be agents of change, such impact may not be realized if they do not know ‘who they are’ and how they fit into the communities in which they will like to make impact. This led to the birth of the Youths in pursuit of purpose BootCamps designed for two age groups 13-16 and 17-21. The boot camp aims to immerse the participants in life-transforming experiences that will help them chart their course through their leadership journey afterwards.

She had stints teaching at Ilorin Teachers’ College, Ilorin, Nigeria, where she realised that teaching is a calling and that it is important it is for those who have that calling to be fully equipped with knowledge before they venture into practising.  Afterwards, she was an educator in both government and privately owned secondary schools including The International School, Ibadan, from where she and other educators left to co-found, Maverick College, Ibadan in September 2005. She rose to become the Principal of Maverick College before her desire to learn more about entrepreneurship education led her to African Leadership Academy, Johannesburg, an institution with the mission of developing the next generation of African leaders. In her role as the Assistant Dean for Pastoral Care at African Leadership Academy, she leads a team of adults who facilitate students’ leadership journey through enabling student-centred or student-led programmes and activities ranging from sports to life in a boarding residence.

She is a published author of a biography and a co-author of a textbook in Literature in English.