Many young people go through formal school education and choose careers that sound right to them without necessarily finding out their own individual purpose in life. In most cases, they do not recognise the fact that instead of waiting for change in their communities, they can actually be the agent of the change they are looking for. Cherith Educational Support Services through its youth empowerment arm, Youth in Pursuit of Purpose (YIPOP) offers support to young people towards identifying the potential they carry as agents of change.

There is no gainsaying the fact that education is key to poverty alleviation. YIPOP therefore provides entrepreneurial leadership education for young people irrespective of their social economic background.  Through various boot camps, we guide participants through the process of identifying their purpose, equip them to pursue this purpose, empower them with entrepreneurial leadership skills and tools that will enable them fulfil their purpose as individuals, employers of labour and change makers in their communities. Consequently, we have less number of young people who are looking up to some phantom individuals, government or political institutions to solve problems.

Our target is to catch them as young as possible. To enable an entrepreneurial mind set to begin to form early in young people, we train two sets of people – 13-16 and 17-23 age groups.

Unlike other youth empowerment programmes, we follow up with our trainees, linking them up with support and resources that will enable them fulfil their purpose and be active change makers in their communities. We also keep them within a network so that they can all continue to network, collaborate and offer support to one another as deemed necessary.

Our team of facilitators are experienced entrepreneurial leadership educators, alums and students who have been trained by the African Leadership Academy, a flagship leadership institution in Africa renowned for its mission of developing the next generation of African leaders3