We Help Nigerian Youth Discover Their Personal Legends


We seek to educate the predominantly vibrant youthful population in the country by equiping them with leadership, entreprenueral and business skills.


We provide moral, career and business support to fellows in our community. We want to see them grow and we help them through the process.


We believe that talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. We seek and provide internship, job and career growth opportunities to our fellows.


about us.

“Youths in Pursuit of Purpose” (a not for profit organization ). is a subsidiary of Cherith Eucational Services. With YIPOP, we are looking to create a network of young people to drive change in the country.

There is no gainsaying the fact that education is key to poverty alleviation. YIPOP therefore provides entrepreneurial leadership education for young people irrespective of their social economic background.  Through various boot camps, we guide participants through the process of identifying their purpose, equip them to pursue this purpose, empower them with entrepreneurial leadership skills and tools that will enable them fulfil their purpose as individuals, employers of labour and change makers in their communities. 


Young people are like cornerstones. They are vibrant, zealous and hungry, and with the right amount of motivation and direction, they can help build a nation.
However, only one out of every five young African actually knows what they want from life. The rest are either waiting for luck to shine on them or end up using their energies on activities that endanger community.

Youths In Pursuit of Purpose (YIPOP) was created to bridge the gap between what is and what should be. YIPOP believes that the narrative of Africa and Africans will change when vibrant and self-driven Africans are consciously and systematically groomed such that they can channel their energies toward achieving greatness in themselves and others; ensuring that their every step is made with the aim of creating a community of their dreams.


The curriculum used for YIPOP was designed by a team of leadership and entrepreneurship experts from the African Leadership Academy, South Africa. It is certified world – class and has been tested severally to produce same result of excellence in its users.

The one unique difference between this curriculum and the lot of others is in its usage. The curriculum has been designed such that its users are at the center. It is fortified with so many experiential activities for users to better acquaint themselves with the new knowledge. It has a 10:10 student to facilitator involvement ratio, which means a typical day doesn’t look like a public lecture space but more participatory with several team activities and group tasks.

Here are some themes contained in the curriculum:



Understanding African leadership is important for aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents. This aspect of the curriculum covers lessons that ranges from understanding what makes a leader to learning the various leadership paradigms.

Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman believes that people with a strong Emotional Intelligence (EI) are better leaders and are more successful in their professions. This aspect of the curriculum will guide participants through the five pillars of EI. EI is also compared to IQ and it's worthy of note to mention that EI is a leadership quality, not IQ

Design Thinking

Due to the familiarity we have with certain situations, we have come to accept them as normal. It is also difficult to identify challenges or proffer solutions when the mind has not been trained to do so. Design thinking (DT) is a problem solving tool that consciously guide its users to ensure they identify root cause of problem and solve with the end user in mind.










To train and equip young people with leadership, entrepreneurial and social skills that will enable them to identify their purpose and provide support for them in the journey of fulfilling this purpose as agents of change in their communities through their chosen careers.


To enable young people identify their purpose as change makers and fulfill them.


Our Values

At the core of what we do and every decision we make, we refer to these values to guide us

We are disciplined in all things.


We have the courage to do new things


We aim for excellence at all times


We serve with utmost honesty and fear of God


We continue to learn and improve


We respect each individual and treat them as unique

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